Written by Eli Mendel

Barranquilla skyline

Established  in 1813 the city of Barranquilla along with its famed Rio Magdalena has gone where time takes all things becoming legend, folklore, and history. So it is for the magnificent city also known as “La Arenosa“, a name given to it during the period of Spanish colonization.  Today it has earned itself yet another name considered to be Colombias, New York City, attributed accordingly via the rich multi-culturalism, tourism, skyline, and a prominent entertainment industry.

This carribean coastal town became the destination for many people from all walks of life.  In the early to mid nineteenth century during and immediatly after, both WWI and WWII waves of immigrants from the Middle East, Asia Europe, and North America arrived making the city a principal port.  It is the birthplace and host to many artists, muscians,and poets.  I have named a handful of the talented personas who comprise this list click on photo for info:

During an era of increased proclamations with regards to global warming, rising sea levels and imminent doom. The city is  making  preparations to implement a bold plan for expansion, building closer to the coast not away from it!…  Proposed is a nine hundred acre development along the  Rio Magdalena complete with all the luxuries and amenities we have come to expect in this day and age.  It has purposed to become a major player on the world stage catering to the good life.

In 1976 an  event piloted to promote social goodwill,education, and artistic expression also brought with it “Winds of Change” shattering the glass ceiling so to speak pioneering, paving the way for the future of music and its avante garde of entertainment. 

The Sinfonia Latina event broke social and musical barriers, being unique in and of itself its composer, conductor, and pianist was a 15 years old boy!  The theater was an “obra negro” under construction . The program created to center around a poem was inspired by the 6th century sage Thales of Miletus penned by Roberto McCausland”Dieppa”

“Al Mar De La Montaña”

I. Bajando vengo ahora De la gran montaña Danzando las colinas Un día ensoñador.

II. Distantes lindos techos Endulzan las cosechas Mirando las ranuras Un mundo arrollador.

II. Caminos y senderos Vistosas ensenadas Veredas de verdades Se ven con luz, color.

III. El mar se viste claro De lejos limpio el mundo Acércate a la vida Se cubre sin amor.

IV. Pensantes todos somos Pasión sin buen camino A Thales Mileto Miro con gran dolor.

V. Y canto porque amo Y amo porque quiero Y canto al gran rio que limpia mi dolor.

Teatro Amira De La Rosa

It was here at the municipal theater the legendary event occured undertaken by the young avante-garde Illiu. As the future of Barranquilla arrives Clasico Caribe will be there.

Written by Eli Mendel

Last Night I Dreampt

Thru each layer of skin  blood from my hand into the cup

On my knees I held it to the sky. It summon the spirit.

From above yet not from heaven it descends towards me void of matter I ask to place my hand upon it feeling the body startling my soul

It came to reveal my life

I live in a penthouse with everything of desire I pass from one end to the other in the last room people of my history wagering my defeat

 I had three battles Each of which I won. Gaining respect of persons. I delivered a kiss to spirit I then set free

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The unavailable lover

He sits in the dark listening to the hands of the clock.

His mind traveling far away to the place where she exists.

He speaks into her heart..  Bearing the burden of his document.

He returns to the dark alone here he lays his head in thought.

. I will persist he thinks I will succeed he says aloud yet no one is listening. 

Along in years suddenly her womb is fertile he believes in his will.

His life inside her. He looks around in the dark and sees nothing just hears his mind.

His only companion.

Finally the wieght of his lids fall upon him.

Save the last dance for me



La vida enseña hay que creer en hechos no palabras, nunca fuimos nada pero siempre hubo algo, que te creas feliz con quien tu quieras  porque cuando te encuentres conmigo te darás cuenta lo que te han hecho sentir es poco comparado con lo que yo tengo preparado

A New York Memory

At any hour voices stream through my 8th street pane, a certain comfort as I await the day, O ‘ Mc Doogle, every morning you greet me with squirrels rampant in the square. Electric Ladyland it is time for your rest, go reunite to Jimi in his experience. My adventure awaits on the redline Cortland nine.

Twenty five cents for the New York Post! She sings everyday, always in key. Her rats nest hair has me wonder where she sleeps. Everywhere neck ties and stilletos. We are as ants, busy on our way , up and escalate. Thru four world trade, over the catwalk above the Westside. Look up 

Windows on the world, they’re in heaven.

Twelve minutes, time for latte. Opening bell. members in place, shoulder to shoulder my adrenaline peaks, twenty seconds I am drenched. In a moments blink. I’m hailing a cab counting cards transformation Dr.Marteens, bondage straps, piercing bellies, a log on the fire glass of Chianti. As I close my eyes the line at Crays papaya will wake me soon enough

Hello to the Moon

20190219_202327~3 I see your eyes.     Looming onward to a California moon and your sea

tempestuous chrysanthemum light adorns thee
A new tempest.  I am
weakened yet enthralled.  Perception of delicacy

O’ just a taste

A thought washes over me
soothing  shores of my intent a lunar rhapsody your eclipse looms ever closer

I prose into you the caressings of words

Seduced into your moment revealing an elegance you wear Glacial facade I  dare..


Hello to the Moon

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